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Every great entertainer consists of several personas the first persona of Jeffrey Tam is called "THE COMEDIAN". The comedian makes his audience laugh in tears. Perhaps he makes your sorrows disappear even for just a moment. Whether the moment is indeed real, illusion or simply unexplainable will be determined by his second persona.

"THE MAGICIAN" takes the ordinary and makes it into something extraordinary. Now you're looking at something which challenges your logic and tickles your curiosity. You really want to know the truth but don't want to spoil it for yourself. You're in awe but something in you tells you to hold back from clapping until you see the final trick. Because pulling of a single trick is never enough. You wait for the final act then when you're just about to stand from your seat to give a rousing applause, you're reaction will forever be caught on camera.

Year 2008 he began to travel abroad performing his craft in different countries like London, Spain and France. He is the first Filipino Close -up Magician to conquer Europe. He had the chance to performed and work in UK's Only Magic Bar (illusions magic bar) in Bristol, England. After that he was awarded again as the 2008 Magfi's Close up Magic Champion and was awarded the 2008 close-up magician of the year and the 2008 Rannie Raymundo " The BOSS' CHOICE AWARDEE".

Jeff was awarded again the 2009 Close-up Magic Champion (Philippines). And became the first ever Filipino Close-up Magician to win the gold internationally. He was the 2009 close -up Magic Champion in the recent 2009 International Magic Extravaganza held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last June 2009.

The following year Jeffrey won again at the 2010 Bangkok International Magic Competition he bagged the 2nd place award in close-up magic category. this was held last feb25 to 28,2010 in Bangkok, Thailand.

And year 2011 Jeffrey made it to the top again and received two awards. Crowned as the 2011 Bangkok International Close-up Magic Grand Champion and the first Filipino to win the gold in 2011 FISM ASIA CHAMPIONSHIP OF MAGIC. jeffrey pass the FISM quality thats why he got the chance to represent the philippines for the 2012 FISM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF MAGIC in Blackpool,England the international society of magicians (USA) gave the "MERLIN AWARD" to Jeffrey Tam as the best close-up magician for 2012. Jeffrey joins the ranks of previous merlin award winners such as DAVID COPPERFIELD & CRISS ANGEL as recipients of the most prestigious award given in the field of magic. according to the international society of magicians, The merlin Award is prsented only to those entertainers who have achieved the highest level in their craft. The criteria considered for a winner include talent, Showmanship,originality, skill and above all the rare ability to entertain under any condition.